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Head organizer ~ Stans Peters (NL)

Stans has been an integral part of the TREC community since 2007 and Working Equitation since 2009. Her passion for organizing events and competitions has led to the successful hosting of significant championships, including the European Championship TREC Young Riders in 2015 and the European Championship Working Equitation in 2018 and 2022, all held in Eersel, the Netherlands. Annually, Stans organizes here an international TREC competition and a Working Equitation event, bringing her expertise and enthusiasm to every project.


FITE technical delegate
Thierry Maurouard (FR)

Thierry Mauroaurd is technical delegate for the Fédération Internationale de Tourisme Equestre (FITE). His role involves ensuring that equestrian events and activities adhere to FITE's standards and regulations. He will also be overseeing the PTV course to ensure it meets the required quality and is safe for both riders and horses.


Advisor Marc Renard (BE)

With a notable career including multiple national titles and a fourth-place finish at the World Championship, Marc brings his extensive expertise as an advisor and POR route inspector, ensuring the event runs smoothly and the routes are properly managed.


Jury members

Laurence Denis (FR)

Wendy Koekoek (NL)

Adrian Flynn (IE)


Course designers

Hans Hoff (NL)
POR designer

Erik Oldenboom (NL)
PTV designer



Dr. Bary (NL)

Dierenkliniek Emmeloord

Dr. vd Wielen (NL)


Dr. Borgmans (NL)

Sporthorse Medical Diagnostic Centre 


Ringspeaker ~ Pam van Geloven (NL)

The iconic voice behind many eventing and driving competitions. Though rarely seen, her captivating voice is a staple at equestrian events. Pam's passion for horses, especially ponies, shines through every announcement, making her an irreplaceable part of the equestrian community.


Photographers ~ Marja & Jaap Koole (NL)

Passionate photographers with years of experience. Their work includes the cover of events and competitions, offering participants the chance to purchase high-quality photos at reasonable prices, ensuring everyone can cherish their special moments.